Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011 to do list

so everyone has a resolution list.

  1. grand prix - 5 half marathons, 5 boroughs -- starting on january 22nd. fml.
  2. read 52 books
  3. make 26 ice creams (or sorbets, gelatos, sherbet, etc. -- the chaos that is the different choices for frozen treats will be discussed later)
  4. go to the dominican republic
  5. learn spanish (preferrably in the DR. but also use rosetta stone. duh.)
  6. get another tattoo -- cheese (on my foot) and maybe expand on the flowers, maybe add color, so many options, all of them permanent. yikes-a-doodle.
  7. take a philosophy 101 class -- so that i can pretend that i know what jb is talking about
  8. start taking classes to improve in my teaching of ELLs (Queens College, Hunter College, linguistics --- research!!)
  9. run 18 miles a week without more than 2 days off in a row. (disaster? 100 percent.) 
  10. NYC marathon??? (if i get accepted to the lottery; if not, no bigs.)
  11. visit bg and baby in HOTlanta?

obviously this list will be added to as time passes. but i think 9 things (and 3 maybes) is a nice start. 

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