Monday, January 10, 2011

a day late and a dollar short

well, not quite. more like 5 days early.

so i made cranberry ice cream and blood orange sorbet days before 2011 began. 
and before i knew that making tons of ice creams was on my to do list for the year.

so, can they count for 2011? 
my guess is no. 
but maybe they will have to. 
we'll see next december. 
it could come down to the wire.

(like most things in my life. vomit.)

also, started a book in 2010 (RATS!!), but finished it in 2011. 
does that count?


i guess the rules can be whatever i make them. 
but god knows i can make and break rules as fast as i think of them.

i guess it is another one of those, let's see if i make my goal, 
and if not, maybe i can say that it happened in 2011. 
and then i'll be a teeny tiny bit closer.


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