Monday, January 24, 2011

kiwano and buddha's hand

so i have this thing with buying creepy looking tropical fruit. 
as in, 
i do it whenever possible.

i mean, 
who doesn't want to eat something that looks as creepy as these??

so the yellow, many fingered hand looking one is
the buddha's hand. 
(apparently it is some sort of citrus fruit.
all rind though. 
i'm intrigued.

and the orange spiky looking thing is
the kiwano or horned melon. 
i found a website that explains how to eat it. 
something about sucking out the sac of fruit. 
sounds creepy.

i'm down.

so after doing some research, 
i am not quite sure what i am supposed to do with the buddha's hand.
so i decided to make a sorbet water ice thing.

now there are no recipes on the internet. 
but there is some restaurant in LA who makes it.
so it must be doable. 

i checked out dolcetto's lemon verbana water ice for inspiration.

if it works i'll post the recipe.
but i'm mildly skeptical. 

i mean, 
it's just a lemon. 

now the kiwano is a whole different animal.
and a super creepy one at that. 

check out the inside. 

orange outside. 
lime green inside. 

new name: scary fruit.
because, hello, that sucker is scary.
and creepy weird.

what island did this bad boy come from?
what kind of animal eats this that it needs these wild colors to survive?

and the fruit sacs?

they are the consistancy of jello.
but taste like star fruit?
i am so confused.

maybe i'll try and make sorbet out of this too?

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