Friday, January 21, 2011

sweetbread terrine

so jb's winter break project was to make a terrine.
a sweetbread terrine. 

do you know what sweetbreads are? 

apparently they are all sorts of creepy things--
throat, ear, neck, gullet, heart, stomach. 

they better be delicious. 
cause that stuff is creepy. 

those are the sweetbreads.
creepy, right?

i had the prestigious honor of rolling out lard to line the terrine.

(plus side, my hands are super soft days later.)

papa and baby terrine need to be cooked.

terrine fresh out of the oven. 

now we have to wait 3 days to eat it.


but i am excited for the final product. 
it better not be lame. 
i mean, 
it has pistachios in it.

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