Saturday, January 29, 2011

the kumquat, a pepino melon, and a cherimoya

so remember when i said i love creepy fruit?

i found some more---
the kumquat
a pepino melon 
and a cherimoya.

first of all, 
the kumquat.

what a great name? 
i mean it is delicious just to say it. 

i feel like i've had a kumquat before in some fancy restaurant,
but never as a solo act.

and as a orange-ish type thing, i thought you would peel it to eat.
but apparently you do not.
you just pop the whole thing in your mouth. 

and awesome.

kind of sweet 
and a little sour
(maybe i got it a little under ripe?)
and awesome.

according to my research
the pepino melon
has many relatives---
(and not relatives i would have expected)
namely, the tomato and the eggplant.
(and less distantly melons and pears)

but i am still unsure of how one eats this bad boy.
cut it open and eat?


it smells like a tomato.
(which i guess makes sense,
seeing as how they are related and all. 
it is still creepy though.)

and it kind of tastes like a cucumber.

but with the consistency of a honey dew melon.
(which is what it looks like.)

i don't get it.

and it's creepy.
not creepy looking,
(it's actually kind of cool looking)
but just creepy.

the cherimoya
is an actual creepy fruit. 

(the kumquat and pepino melon are weird for sure, 
but not necessarily creepy. 
or at least not creepy like the cherimoya is creepy.)

it is wearing a suit of armor. 
like an armadillo.

and one place i was looking said it was from
"the tree of the ice cream".

it's a fruit.
not ice cream. 

well, i like ice cream,
so whatever,
let's give this sucker a go.

hello, super creepy.

first of all,
those seeds are out of control.
they are the size of almonds.

and secondly,
the taste.


it has the consistency of a papaya,
or maybe a custard.

it tastes like a tropical fruit.
but there is no way i can place the flavors.

one website i found said it had a combo of flavors---
papaya, banana, mango, passion fruit, lemon and pineapple.

i don't know about all of that.
but it is good.
but weird.

this sucker is not like anything else i've every tried.
and even as i sit here eating it,
i am still intrigued.
and confused.

one thing i do know--
it is 100 percent creepy.
for sure.

i think the real question is --
have these wild and crazy fruits
turned me off of buying weird and cooky fruits?
not by a long shot.

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