Thursday, January 20, 2011

the worm list

have you ever felt like no one likes you? 
that everyone hates you? 
that you should eat worms?
of course you have.
everyone has.

but even worse than that
is listening to someone who feels that way.


well, i know someone who is the king of what i like to call
"the worm list"
the list of things that have gone wrong in their lives.
things that would drive them to eat worms.

well, even though we are only slightly into 2011, he has already decided that 
"this has been a rough year." 

20 days into 2011 and it's already "rough"??

since it has been a rough year already, 
one can only assume it will get worse.

so i have decided to keep track. 
keep a "worm list".
not my worm list, 


this could be a good year.

ps. i don't want to put up the list --
that's super rude.
(it's not really mine to share after all)


i will leave you with this:
"well, i almost died last week"

(he didn't)
(but i'm pretty sure he needs some worms)

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