Wednesday, February 9, 2011

caramel hot chocolate

if you live any where on this planet
you must know by now that it has been a crazy stupid winter this year.

i mean,
new york has gotten something like 50+".


it is the beginning of february,
for god's sake.

how are we supposed to survive this?
how does mother nature think i am going to get through this?

i can't handle it.

there is a long road ahead before the warm summertime happiness is upon us.
and i am not pleased.

in fact,
i have been mentally packing for my summer vacation already.
but thinking about fun in the sun can only go so far.

enter city bakery and their annual hot chocolate festival.


and their pretzel croissant is supposed to be bang-a-rang.
(dolcetto's review and drooling can convince almost anyone, i'm sure.)

so i went with ap and got the caramel hot chocolate.
in a tiny shot cup.
except that a tiny shot costs an astronomical $3.25.

i am baffled and appalled.

(and it wasn't even that caramelly,
bummer city.)

the pretzel croissant was,
as promised,
a rockstar.

check out the calendar--
there are many other delicious flavors to try.

i'll be back on the 13th.
cause i am incapable of passing up spicy hot chocolate.
it's (normally) awesome.

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