Monday, February 14, 2011

chili pepper hot chocolate

ever since i saw chocolat 
with johnny depp and juliette binoche 
and the awesome chocolate treats,
i have been obsessed with spicy hot chocolate.
i get it everywhere it is offered. 

spicy chocolate is pretty rockstar too. 
i mean it is just too weird a combination. 
but also a crazy awesome combination. 

so i went to city bakery with av and mm

and we got some chili pepper hot chocolate. 
and (obviously) pretzel croissants. 

and as far as spicy hot chocolate goes, 
this was pretty good. 
although, i am always in search of spicier.

but it was good. 

and now i am regretting not getting their little hot chocolate to go boxes.
you can buy their hot chocolate in a box,
take it home,
heat and enjoy. 


and as if that wasn't fatty enough, 
we went to momofuku milk bar.

and got the crack pie 
and a compost cookie.

hello, fatties.
nice to meet you. 

and then,
we went to good beer.

to get beer. 
and continue the fatness.

way to really rock the fatty train.

ps. i'm sure dolcetto will do an actual review 
of at least 2 of these places in the near future 
so when she does i will be sure to link to it.

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