Monday, February 28, 2011

pomegranate ice cream or creepy curdle disaster?

  • pomegranate juice
  • sugar
  • milk (2% and/or whole)

mix together.
(taste it to see what's what.)

ice cream make it.



ok, pause.
hear the back story before you make this.
or before you think this could be awesome.
'cause the jury is still out on this bad boy.

read on.

i bought pomegranate juice
from the fancy new white people store down the block
with the express purpose of making pomegranate sorbet.

but turns out,
pomegranate juice smells weird.

and the organic milk i bought,

(i seriously need to pull my life together 
and get more ronnybrook.
'cause ronnybrook doesn't suck. 
and my life isn't complete without milk. 
lots and lots of milk.)

so i thought,
what the hey?
mix it.
combine it.
get rid of both at the same time.

weird thing though,
can pomegranate juice mix with milk?
cause it looked kind of weird.

not quite a curdle,
but not quite right either.


i still put it in the ice cream maker to see what happened.

and really,
both the juice and the milk suck big time,
so if i "waste" some,
no bigs.

it's a creepy color too.


maybe it'll taste good??


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