Friday, February 11, 2011

space ice cream

space ice cream ---
the whole concept is creepy.

it's freeze dried.

and awesome on space travel
(i would imagine)
and hiking
(as evidenced by it being sold in a million different camping stores)
but it's still weird. 

i mean, 
it is ice cream,
sans water.

there are tons of flavors too.
ice cream sandwich.
mint chocolate chip.
chocolate chip.

all i know is,
the stuff is rockstar. 

super, super rockstar.

and when tw asked me what i wanted for jesus' birthday,
i said space ice cream. 

"yeah, the stuff's rockstar."
"um, ok. how much? i can get you a whole case, i guess."
"don't play with my emotions. that would be crazy awesome."
"seriously? i really will."
"do it. i would love it."

so what'd i get?
a smattering of space ice cream.
7 neoplitans
and 2 mint chocolate chip. 


don't you just love when you get exactly what you wanted?
even if the present is totally ridiculous?
i do. 
for sure.

i'm super excited about this.

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