Monday, March 7, 2011

chocolate ice cream

so i used my new book.

and since i used the book, 
i'm not going to include the recipe here. 
(you can buy the book and give it a shot yourself.
yeah, i'm that mean.)

the chocolate ice cream is 

like, all i want to do today is eat ice cream, rockstar. 

it makes me very happy. 

'cause i was very nervous about it.

i have not had the best of luck with custards.
where you have to mix warm liquids with eggs 
and hope to god that they don't curdle.
not fun.

it was stupid easy.
and it is crazy chocolatey.
and i made tons. 

and since i'm a wild one, 
i decided to take all of that chocolate 
and try a couple of other flavors too.  

chocolate peanut butter ice cream.
(pretty self explanatory)

chocolate thin mint ice cream.
(crushed thin mint cookies mixed in.)


three for the price of one. 

now my question is
can i count that as three ice creams
towards my new year's resolution goal? 
i want to. 
but maybe that's cheating? 

i'm not sure.

i am super excited about this chocolate delight.

and i'm trying really hard not to eat it all at once. 
cause i totally could.

vb: "how was it?"
vd: "i want more."

ps. maybe i'm not a fan of pomegranate? 
i mean i like the fruit.
but maybe not pomegranate juice.
at any rate,
i had to get rid of the pomegranate ice cream.
just not my cup of tea. 
oh well.
(now what do i do with all of that left over juice in my fridge?

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