Wednesday, March 2, 2011

so i'm a little smelly...

so a friend of mine turned me onto bikram yoga
as in hot yoga. 


but sweaty. 

i mean i sweat a lot already, 
but this is crazy pants. 

but march is 30 day challenge month,
(30 days of yoga in a row)
and of course i'm crazy enough to give it a shot. 

i mean the half marathons have fallen through
(thanks a lot nyrr)
so i have to do something to pretend i'm not the fattiest of all the fatties.

good luck.

only problem is, 
hot yoga makes me sweat. 

more than i ever have before. 
and that means i am crazy smelly. 

like you can smell me down the hall and around the corner. 


it's going to be a smelly 30 days. 

at least my cats will like it.

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