Thursday, April 7, 2011

does tenure rhyme with manure?

it should.

cause it is.
well not tenure.
tenure is awesome.
but the tenure process is definitely a big steaming pile of...

let me explain. 

i have to make a tenure portfolio.
which is essentially a list of everything i have done for the past 3 years.
insane, much?

i mean,
i'm organized.

or at least i thought i was.

but this is ridiculous.

i am going through file cabinets, emails, other people's documents,
all in attempts to prove that i am awesome at what i do.

the amount of work i am putting into this document is astounding.
(i have a job, and yet i am working on my resume. wtf?)

and the kicker is,
i'm awesome.
the kids know it,
i know it,
my administrators should know it,
and now i have to make sure the state of new york knows it?

i mean,
i'm crazy.
but what teacher isn't?
(you'd have to be, right?)

and i have bad days.
(but who doesn't?)

but for the most part,
i think, anyways,
i rock.

so the fact that my life is being turned upside down by this,

and sometimes i'm not even sure i can handle doing this job another year
so there have been more than a few times
that i have wondered if it was all worth it.

and then i remember the kids.

damn them.

they are so flipping cute.
and want to learn so much,
that i know it is worth it.

but sometimes that doesn't make this whole process any easier.
and i wish it did.

what does though,
is knowing that the administrator that gives me hell on a daily basis
also has to do this.
the tenure portfolio, i mean.
times a million.

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