Sunday, April 17, 2011

just another weekend...

i hate blogs that go through what you did in a weekend
cause, really, no one cares -- 
they really just want to see the pictures, 
and even that is stretching it sometimes.


i had a great weekend. 

dm came to town, 
which is always a good time.

but since i hate the 
"and then we did this..." nonsense
i will just add the pictures below
with some minor explanations.

pouring rain 
broken windshield wipers 
manually wiping the windshield at every red light.


momofuku ssäm bar.

sharing food with
(read: taking food from)
a group of guys who ordered the bo ssäm prix fixe
(5 courses which include a pork butt)


that pork was so flipping good.

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