Thursday, May 26, 2011

associated, say what?

so i was just stopping in to get more sugar. 

(i have big plans to make some strawberry ice cream 
with the first strawberries of the season. 
hence the need for more sugar.)

and i was walking around my grocery store.

(not the white people grocery store, 
the associated.)

and i found all sorts of creepy cool things. 

tres leches cake.



tamarind juice.
sugar cane juice.

yes please.

i used to see the tres leches cake there all the time,
and i was always hesitant.

because i know that it can never live up.
 two years ago i had the most amazing tres leches cake ever.
nutmeg tres leches cake from red cat.
to die for.

but i recently i have been living wildly. 
trying new things.
spending money. 
going crazy. 

so i figured, what the h?
and it's not bad.

it's no red cat, 
but it gets the job done.


apparently i recently had this in a salad 
and i thought it was to die for. 

so i'm all about that. 

and looking at a how to website,
it looks crazy easy to make. 

done and done.

and persimmon i've seen at the associated before,
but i've always been like, 
it's the associated,
and i have dismissed it.

well, no longer.

(and apparently it is supposed to make good sorbet,
so maybe that will be happening in the near future.)

and the juices were just too weird. 
it had to be done. 

recently i've been consuming a lot of tamarind margaritas.
a lot. 

and i love tamarind.
it is creepy and crazy. 
and i don't understand the thing at all. 
but i am loving it, 
100 percentage points.

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