Sunday, May 15, 2011

cactus pear

so it's creepy fruit time.

it's been a while.

this time when i went to the fruit exchange i got quite the score:

cactus pear. 
ugli fruit.
(yeah, it's called ugli. amazing.)
lotus root. 
passion fruit.


the cactus pear,
or prickly pear cactus.

this sucker has a lot of seeds.

and isn't too sweet.
but it is an amazing color.

so i decided to mash it up and freeze it.
make a sorbet,
if you will.

but with only two
(they were 2 for 99 cents, 
how could i pass that up?)
it didn't make a lot.

but now my curiosity about prickly pears,
the one that started with baloo in the jungle book,
has been answered.

and frankly i'm not too sure why baloo was so into those suckers.

but apparently it is supposed to be popular in mexico,
so maybe i will know more after my vacation this summer.

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