Wednesday, May 11, 2011

die walküre

back story:

jb loves wagner. 
he took a whole class on him. 
and the ring cycle.

i was walking by lincoln center last august
and saw a sign for the Met's 2010-2011 opera season, 
guess what was playing?
wagner's ring
(only the first two parts, but still)

so obviously i bought tickets.

i tried to get tickets to both parts, 
but $600 for an opera is a little out of my price range.

so i got tickets to die walküre.
(part 2)

all 5 hours of it. 

crazy pants. 

i got to go to the met. 
on a school night.
and drink champagne.


and they have some crazy amazing chandeliers. 

i want 'em in my house, 
real bad.

i could lie and say every time i took a picture in the lobby
i wasn't trying to get the chandeliers in the shot
but that just wouldn't be true. 

i mean they are too flippin' cool.

also, james levine was the conductor.
and apparently he is supposed to be kind of a big deal.

so that was cool.

luckily for me, 
they had a plot synopsis
so i could brush up before the opera started. 


and if i'm being totally honest,
this thing was great because
now i would know what was going on when i woke up.

yeah, i'm that loser who goes to the opera and falls asleep.
but it was five hours. 
and i wasn't as much of a loser as the creep i was sitting next to. 
sweatpants with hugely stuffed pockets.
not cool.

add to that creepy throat clearing.
bottom line ---

it was totally cool. 

plus, i feel like such a rebel going out on a school night.

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