Tuesday, May 17, 2011

lotus root

i don't know,
 i don't really have anything to say about this thing.

it was near the other creepy fruit
and i thought,
what the heck?
i'll try it.

so i get home,
look up how one is supposed to eat it,
and realize that it is creepier than i ever could have imagined.

 but the website i found said
you peel it,
slice it,
and boil it in vinegary water for about 5 minutes.

so that's what i did.
and it's pretty good.

it kind of has the flavoring of hearts of palm
but the texture of bamboo shoots. 

it's good though.

if i didn't have such a small sampling,
(and if half of my sample wasn't moldy. boo)
i would have saved it for dinner
and put it in a stir fry type thing.

but as it is,
it is a nice little snack.

even if it is totally creepy.

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