Tuesday, June 28, 2011

black and red (raspberry) sorbet

  • 1 cup black raspberries
  • 1 cup red raspberries
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • lemon juice
  • tiny bit of salt
put everything in a pot,

strain out the seeds.


put into ice cream maker.


so it is finally berry season. 

(thank god)

so it is finally time for berry ice creams and sorbets.

(thank god)

i made blueberry ice cream on sunday
(i had to make something for jb as a "i'm sorry i'll be gone for 6.5 weeks" present)

and now it is time for the raspberries.

there was a lot of discussion about whether i 
should be making sorbet, ice cream, or sherbet.

i was told to make ice cream.
but it's so much harder.
heating eggs without scrambling them. 
but then i tasted the berries. 

it's still pretty early in the season
so they aren't quite popping yet. 

i decided to make sorbet instead,
(i was afraid the milk in the ice cream would kill all of the pop)
but eh. 

it's ok. 
kind of. 

but oh well. 

there will be time later in the season to make more. 

oh wait. 
i'll be in mexico.
and DR.


ps. today was the last day of school!!!!!! 
thank you summertime.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


 so remember when i said i was learning spanish?

well, it's pretty freaking hard. 

but i am hanging in there, 
and constantly asking questions of my coworkers 
to make sure that i am understanding everything. 

but i figured, 
what the h,
why not put up spanish words all over the apartment?
(or should i say "un apartamento"?)

obviously this is a great idea.




i'm even carrying spanish around with me.

this is just a sampling.
there are a lot of little spanish words.
it's kind of adorable.

apparently "un fregadero" is the kitchen sink.
that sticker has been moved.
and it is "las llaves" not "los llaves"
(i should have known that one)

can you tell i'm still learning?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

it's global regents time...

and cause i love my kids so much
(read: i'm crazy nervous that they are all going to fail.)
and cause my kids are crazy
(who asks for jerk chicken at 8:30 in the morning?)
i made them fruit salad.

$30 and an hour and a half later,
i have 17 thousand pounds of fruit.


(no bananas miss, they get brown and mushy.)

here's hoping they pass the test.

(cross every finger and toe)

ps. one of my children actually called me mama today.
i responded. 

100 percent.

Friday, June 10, 2011

summer time, bk style

this week was hot.
like hot hot.

like skirts only hot.

like open all of the fire hydrants and play in the street hot. 

(ps. i love love love when adults play in the fire hydrants.)

and when it gets hot,
you know it is time for the puerto rican flags to come out.

and it is time for my little fire escape garden to take off.

thank you for finally getting here summer.

i've missed you.

Monday, June 6, 2011

can we pretend i'm not a fatty?

i was buying a present for mm this weekend,
(happy 27th, you old man!)
and ran into a bottle of dad's rootbeer.

obviously i bought it. 

and obviously i made a rootbeer float out of some it.
and obviously i used homemade vanilla ice cream.


whoa there fatty cakes. 
rein it in. 


but also,
totally delicious.

ps. maybe i bought my tickets to DR today.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

papaya lime sorbet

  • 2 cups cut up papaya
  • juice from 5 limes
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup water
mix everything.
blend it smooth.

throw it in the ice cream maker.



i don't make difficult ice creams.
what is the point of that?

work hard so you enjoy it more?

instead i make easy ones.
and then they are done faster 
and i can enjoy them more.

plus if they are easy to make
maybe i will make them twice. 
like strawberry ice cream.

the people at my work loved it,
so i made more. 

now they should be set for ice cream for the week.
strawberry, mango, tiramisu, and papaya lime.

av got me this reuseable ice cream container 
that keeps the ice cream cold. 
and it is flippin' rockstar. 

now if i only had a gallon one with individual sections
so i could bring in all of the ice cream at once. 

that would be gangster.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

maybe i am a bit of a disaster

so at the beginning of the year

a to do list.  

too bad i am a huge disaster.
5 months gone and a couple of the things on my list are now impossible.


half marathons,
clearly not happening.

i did the manhattan one, 
but the brooklyn one closed before i could sign up,
and i will be in mexico for the queens one, 
so... disaster number one.

run 18 miles a week. 

i haven't run a total of 18 miles this year.
unless you add in my half marathon.

disaster number two.

and disaster number three, 
the nyc marathon.

i put my name in the lottery,
but yet again,
i did not make the cut.

why are all of my disasters running disasters??
hello fatty. 
it's nice to meet you.

my only non-disaster:

of course,
now i want another one.

does this have disaster potential?
100 percent.

i have read 13. 
in 5 months.

minor disaster.

i am currently reading 4 more.

but that is still a long way off from 52. 

we could be looking at a disaster.

i may just actually be able to achieve.

i've made 13. 
so i'm half way there. 
and i still have 7 months left. 

maybe i will be able to add this to the very small non-disaster list.

it's happening. 
i haven't bought my ticket yet, 
but it is.
in august.
with ep.

and it's going to be rockstar.

and i'm also going to 
for a month.
with jb for 10 days,
lp for 15 days,
and kb for 7 days.

and i wish i had a bigger word than rockstar 
cause that is what this trip is going to be:
bigger than rockstar.

so i'm adding that to my resolution list.
cause even though it wasn't on the list,
it is kind of a big thing that i'm doing. 
and it totally goes along with 
learning spanish.

which i am still attempting.
and which, hopefully, mexico will help with.

the philosophy classes 
or ESL classes 
have really not happened,
nor does it look like they will.

but there is still 7 months.
so maybe. 
but to be safe i would add them to the disaster potential list.

and at this point, 
i don't have any idea as to when i would go to 
i mean, 
the summer is full of spanish fun time.
and then the school year
is not the most conducive to travel.
but we will see. 
but again, 
it's going on the disaster potential list. 

i do,
want to add another resolution:
hot yoga.

i already completed one 30 day challenge in march.
i want to complete another in september.
and i am going to try and go as much as possible for the month of june.
(got to get bikini ready for mexico)
and maybe i should do another as much as possible month at the end of the year,
like in december for example.

even though i am adding this to the list,
i know my ability to follow through is not the best,
so this definitely has disaster potential.

so here is the break down:

1. tattoos

shouldn't be a disaster:
1. ice cream
2. DR
3. mexico
4. learn spanish 
(as much as one person can "learn" a language)

disaster potential:
1. books
2. philosophy class
3. ESL classes
4. hotlanta
5. hot yoga

definitely disasters:
1. half marathons
2. 18 miles a week
3. nyc marathon

added resolutions:
1. mexico
2. hot yoga

i love that i have more disaster resolutions
than ones that can ever possibly not be disasters. 

hot mess.