Sunday, July 17, 2011

callo de margarita

so it's not a creepy fruit
(which we all know i'm totally in love with)
but it is totally creepy.

for days we watched this man wade into the ocean
and return with some sea creature in the biggest shells i've ever seen.

and people were buying them like hot cakes.

obviously i would need to try them.

and obviously by the time I gathered my courage
and figured out how to order them in spanish
he was sold out.


(and obviously i still had no idea what these creatures really were.)

did that stop me?
has it ever?

so i came back the next day.
and ordered them.
and ate them.

i tried.

but those bad boys were definitely moving.
um, gross.
and, obviously, totally awesome.

it wasn't until i was almost halfway done 
that figured out i was eating a flippin scallop.

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