Sunday, July 31, 2011

snack box disaster time

so back in april i lived like a baller 
in business class on my way to prague. 

maybe you remember?
(if not, you can read all about it here:
I really was a rockstar.)

flights to europe are great though --
even if you aren't in business class. 
you get free booze, good food, and a blanket. 

not so on domestic flights. 

they flippin' suck. 
no food, no entertainment, no blankets. 


obviously the flight home from mexico yesterday was no different. 

first, my flight was delayed by some imaginary tropical storm.
second, i had to fly into newark.
and third, i was hungry.
like chew off your own arm hungry.


i left puerto escondido at 10am.
rode a bus for 2 hours.
waited at the airport for 6 hours.
flew 3 hours to houston.
where i had 1.5 hours to go through immigration and customs,
and walk the 17 miles across the airport.
just to get on another 3 hour flight to newark landing at 1am.


sure continental gave me a $8 voucher.
which I definitely used in huatulco. 

but what about the rest of my 12 hours of journey?
am I just supposed to starve?


so i gave in and got a snack box. 
an $8 snack box. 

yeah, i got the most expensive one. 
because like the flight attendant so aptly pointed out,
it had olives and hummus in it. 


and look at how flippin' fancy that is. 


my only complaint now is why would you charge me for this?

why wouldn't you just add a $10 fee onto the price of each ticket
and give me some freakin' food?

i mean really, who wouldn't pay that for the convenience of eating?

i'm just saying. 
it's a great idea.

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