Thursday, August 4, 2011


 go to mexico and not see nances everywhere.

i dare you.

it's not freakin' possible. 

they are falling off of every other tree, 
people are selling them on every corner 
and in every market.
(or at least it seems that way)

after three and half weeks of wondering,
obviously i bought some. 

$1 for a small bag. 

too bad they were super weird.

maybe they weren't ripe. 
they were kind of like small apples, 
but had a totally different smell. 

i can't really explain it. 

but i can say that my hotel room smelled to high heaven 
for two days 
after i brought them in 
and gave them a chance.


what i really wanted to try and find 
were these lychee looking things.

but after some research on the internet,
i have discovered that the fruit i wanted was
the rambutan.

a super fuzzy koosh ball looking thing,
that is apparently related to the lychee
(and the mamoncillo)
wait for it,
but i got back to the states
and jb brought me home a creepy fruit,
the quenepa. 
also known as the mamoncillo.
small world.

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