Sunday, September 11, 2011

big eyes, little tail

lp and i were walking along the beach and came across this guy. 

isn't he totally adorable? 
and a little bit crass at the same time?
close your mouth, dude. 
it's so unbecoming.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

day one of year four

what a flippin' disaster this year is going to be.

today was the first day of school. 
well, the first day i had to go back anyways.

kids show up on thursday,
and it's a good thing too. 
because we are not prepared.
at all.

there are boxes all over the halls and rooms, 
no teachers have their teaching schedules, 
and our administration feels it is more important 
to sit in PDs all day than to clean up and prepare the school, 
or finalize teacher programs.

i should be used to the awfulness of our PDs by now,
because every PD in the past has sucked,
but somehow,
i thought this year would be different.

so not the case.

this mindless driveling PD was no different.
our principal spent an hour going through a list of things 
that we need to discuss with our classes during the first week --
class expectations, a syllabus, school rules, etc.
like we haven't all done this before.

you know all of that boring crap that every teacher does the first day of school,
and as a student you always wondered
why can't all of the teachers just get together and share my contact information?
and who can blame the kids,
the first day sucks for us too.
it's so boring and monotonous.

but then it got interesting.

half way through my principals' monologue,
a colleague commented:
"it's kind of hard to write a syllabus
when we don't know what we are teaching."


(that's right kids, 
we still don't know what classes we are teaching. 
on thursday.)

my principal's response:
"don't worry about it.
just make the syllabus general."

um, what?

ngk, do you know what a syllabus is?
you are asking us to do the exact opposite of
what a syllabus is supposed to be.

this is going to be a great year.
or something.

at least i went climbing tonight. 
and i rocked a whole bunch of V1s. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Friday, September 2, 2011

banana boat

what is the most ridiculous thing about the beach?

obviously, it is the banana boat.

a long yellow banana looking boat 
that is pulled around by another boat
that you are forced to fall off of. 


that is banana pants.
(pun intended, sort of.)

so when lp wanted to take a banana boat ride, 
i might have made fun of her.

but she really wanted to, 
so she did.

(that's lp on the back!)

and you can not imagine how cute it is to see a 30 year old woman
so psyched to ride a banana boat
that she waves as she is being driven off.


but then, 
i took one too. 

and it was awesome.

the views of the beaches was super cool.
and falling off was kind of ok.
(minus the rug burn and the water up my nose)

but really, where the awesome comes in is
how ridiculous it was. 

and it was totally ridiculous. 

i'm not saying i would do it again, 
but i'm totally glad that i did it.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


lp and i were minding our business, 
walking down the beach to go watch some surfing, 
and this is what we stumbled on.

fishermen coming in with a catch of sharks,
which they proceeded to gut right there on the beach.

um, gross.
and, obviously, totally awesome.

i took a video.

(i think it's sideways. 
my bad.)