Wednesday, October 12, 2011

apple carrot ginger juice

so i have always had this intense desire to own a juicer.

i mean, why not?

juice is awesome.

awesome awesome.

what could be better than making your own juice?

probably nothing. 

alas, i did not own a juicer.
nor did it seem like a great financial investment.

(you have to clean it afterwards apparently.
which is super dumb,
because no one likes to wash dishes.)

so i have been sans juicer my whole life. 

until ab moved in. 

and brought with her a juicer!
and an ice crusher!

so this weekend, 
we made juice. 

apple juice and apple carrot ginger juice.

yeah, we're rockstars.

and the juice was awesome.

for the apple juice we bought a couple of different kinds of apples
thanks farmers market!

and threw them into the juicer.

i'm pretty sure, this is the best apple juice i've ever had. 

next, ab wanted to try and make an apple, carrot, ginger juice.


and cleaning it wasn't that bad.

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