Monday, November 28, 2011

feliz cumpleaños

 this year was a good year. 

there have been a lot of changes. 
some hard changes,
but a lot of good changes.

all in all, 
year 27 was not bad. 

year 28, 
i think, 
will be a good year.

i mean, it started with some churros for breakfast. 
that is a pretty good start, i think.
(thanks mexico!)

and day one ended with 
a tamarind, mezcal, and chili cocktail. 

and, obviously, 
cjb loved my present so much 
he thought it was his own.

this is what is left.

obviously he is still playing with the stick and ribbons.

too flippin' cute.

bring it on year 28.
i'm ready to do this thing.

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