Friday, November 25, 2011

hello, my name is hubert.

so i think we can all agree that i am a bit of a fatty.
and by a bit of a fatty i mean
a HUGE fatty.

so do you think living in mexico is going to stop me 
from enjoying the fattiest holiday there is?

obviously not. 


it didn't stop me in england either.

 so i made my thanksgiving list
and got as much of it as i could at the superama.
but surprisingly, superama doesn't have everything.

so i went to the market with jj.

which is where i picked up hubert.

hubert is looking pretty classy in this picture. 
when i met him he had his feet and head still attached. 

crazy, awesome, gross. 

but now he is stuffed with figs, an onion and an orange. 
and he looks down right sexy.

and yes, 
he is upside down.
cause that's how i roll.
no dry white meat here, 

but this market was pretty cool -- 
each stall sells something a little different
and it is all crazy cheap. 

ps. i may have bought the best cinnamon ever at this market.
it is super sexy delicious.


rcg and i spent all day friday cooking up this feast.
which we enjoyed with friends,
in true fatty fashion.

 happy thanksgiving y'all.

ps. to prove my super fattiness --
i bought too much pumpkin, 
so i had to make 2 pumpkin pies. 

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