Saturday, November 19, 2011

hola méxico. mucho gusto.

i now live in mexico city,
the fifth largest city in the world,
with a population of 21 million.

(kind of makes nyc seem like small potatoes.)

i live in a cute little neighborhood called condesa.

and condesa is a nice residential neighborhood
with lots of parks and great restaurants.

and it is gorgeous.

parque méxico.

there are tons of beautiful houses.
in crazy awesome colors. 
with spectacular iron work.
and fabulous numbers.

(avenida amsterdam used to be a horse racing track,
now it is my running loop.)

my oxxo.
(aka. my mexican 711)

my metro bus stop.

delegación cuauhtemoc.

rcg tried to explain to me the difference between 
a colonia (hipodromo-condesa)
and a delegación (cuauhtemoc),
but i'm not sure i got it. 

the delegación is the smaller governmental part of the gigantic mess that is mexico city's government.
and each delegación is broken up into colonias.
(i'm still unclear on what a colonia's function is.)

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