Tuesday, November 8, 2011

omg, i'm moving.

so i may have jumped off the deep end:
i am moving. 

not around the block, 
or to a different part of the city, 
or even to a different state.

i'm freaking moving to mexico. 



moving has it's ups and downs--
the upside: purging.
the downside: stressssssssssss.

jrw came to visit and help me purge and pack,
and holy moly did i purge. 

(look at how barren that room is.)

and i packed. 

but i think i did pretty good. 
i mean, all of my stuff fits into four bags. 
four bags that were stuffed beyond belief, 
but four bags nonetheless.

plus the kittenz,
who, obviously, had to come with me. 

look how flippin' cute they are.
and they were on their best behavior too. 

(i want put them in my belly real bad.)

so yeah, 
i'm moving. 


(i'm definitely not as bad as this lady.
yeah, seven huge pieces of luggage for one lady and her son.

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