Tuesday, November 15, 2011

westhill institute

the main reason for the big (insane) move: i got a job.

i am teaching at an american school in mexico city --
7th grade world geography and 8th grade early world history. 

westhill institute is a huge complex 
with many different schools on its santa fe campus. 
there is an elementary school,
a secondary school, 
(where i work)
and a medical school.

look at how imposing that building is. 
scary pants. 


(and i thought bushwick campus was terrifying.)

this is the secondary school.
it houses grades 6 through 12.
and has less than 300 students.

and all of those kids are rich.
not kind of rich,
but rich rich.

every year they auction off the seniors to raise money for prom.
i got to watch this year's auction
and one girl went for 6000 pesos. 
that is approximately $440.

um, what?

that is more than public school teachers in mexico make in a month.


every single thing the kids wear in school has westhill somewhere on it --
whether it is a WI on the pocket of their khakis,
or westhill institute on their lab coats.
(yeah, they have their own, personal, monogrammed lab coats.)

but the classrooms are nice

and while my schedule is kind of crazy,
(i teach each class 4 times a week at different times each day. wtf?)
it isn't that bad.


maybe this won't be a huge disaster?

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