Saturday, December 31, 2011

did i do it?

it is time to take a tally of my life. 
my 2011 life. 

in the beginning of the year i made a list,
a pretty ambitious list.

and i made another one in june, 
well, not so much a list,
as a taking stock. 

and by june i was on track for a couple of things
but i had already failed on a couple already. 

now the end of 2011 is here,
and it is time to take stock yet again. 

and maybe i kind of failed on almost all of my to do list.

i hate not completing a to do list. 
the feeling of crossing something off a list
may be one of the best feelings in the world.
so not being able to cross things off
kind of sucks.

good job 2011. 

but actually, 
2011 was a pretty good year. 
(even if i didn't complete my to do list.)

it started out good, 
had a couple of rough patches in the middle,
but it finished strong.

and i'm pretty pumped about 2012. 
because i am kind of convinced 
that 2012 is going to be flippin' awesome.

or the world is going to end. 

and in case you are wondering:

the goal: 25 ice creams
actual: 19 flavors, 
or 24 if you count the mixed flavors

the goal: 52 books 
(one for each week)
actual: 31

the goal: 5 half marathons around nyc
actual: one, the manhattan half

the goal: learn spanish
actual: kind of? maybe?
i can understand it, sort of.
does that count?

the goal: visit DR
actual: moved to mexico
let's call that one a wash.

the goal: tattoos

obviously the other to dos were colossal failures. 

here's to 2012 
and completing my to do list.

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