Friday, December 16, 2011


whenever i go the a grocery store alone
i always end up with some weird stuff. 

this last time is, 
no different. 

(i did, however, control myself a little.
i wanted to get these tamarind, chile, and salt fruit roll up things.
but i still have tons of candy from my birthday.
so it seemed like a little overkill.
i'm coming for you next time, fruit roll ups.)

this time i just bought juice:



guanabana -- 
totally great. 

i can't really explain it, 
just trust me, 
it's phenomenal. 

guayaba -- 
(aka. guava) 
is also great. 

eating guava is weird,
something about the texture just throws me off
but the flavor is totally growing on me.

it's pretty sweet, 
but the smell is really what gets you -- 
it's so fresh and happy.

i totally dig it.

tamarindo -- 
that kind of tastes like grape juice. 
or totally generic fruit punch. 

not like all of the amazing candies i've been eating. 

but definitely worth a try.

and the baby food juice is because why not?
plus, it also kind of tastes like the tamarind juice.

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