Monday, December 12, 2011

nuestra señora de guadalupe

that's right, 
i own a light up virgin.

so here's the story -- 

a couple of years ago 
i saw a light up virgin mary in a 99¢ store.

i wanted it. 

because i'm lazy,
i figured i had time.
i thought no one would realize how awesome it was
and it would be there later. 

it wasn't.

the next year, 
i searched for my virgin mary
to no avail.


let's be serious,
every time i went back to that 99¢ store
i looked for that gorgeous, spectacular virgin mary.

she was never seen again 
at least not in brooklyn.
until last weekend,
when i spotted her in a store in mexico city, 
high above all of the other crazy light up christmas decorations.

i was not going to let this opportunity slip by again. 


added bonus -- 
 she is up just in time for our lady of guadalupe's feast day.

such a rockstar.

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