Saturday, December 17, 2011

paletas con chile

this summer i bought this amazing tamarind lollipop in oaxaca city.

and then i could never find it again. 

and i looked. 

i even took a picture of it
so that in every candy shop that i passed 
i could look more effectively.

no luck.

until rcg took me to buy candy for my birthday.

and we found tons of flavors.

i had one the other day. 
and it was just like i remembered. 

the lollipop is covered,
like, seriously covered,
in chile. 

 it takes tons
and tons
and tons 
of licks to get all of the chile off.

and then you get delicious fruity goodness. 

and for the whole rest of the lollipop
you have the added bonus of being able 
to continue to dip your lollipop in the chile.

so the whole lollipop experience is 
one nose sniffing,
sinus clearing, 
seriously delicious 
good time.

thanks rcg for finding me my lollipop.

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