Thursday, December 8, 2011

ron mueck

i'm finally getting my culture on. 
i mean i live in mexico city 
for goodness sake.
why am i not seeing tons of old stuff??
all the time??

well, obviously,
it's because i am crazy lazy. 

but i finally pulled my life together
and i headed to el centro historico 
to see a ron mueck exhibit. 

not old stuff,
but it's a start. 

and it was awesome.

ron mueck makes these crazy amazing sculptures, 
they are huge or they are tiny,
but they are all super life like.

and they are all super flippin' cool.

ps. i did get to see some old stuff too --
it was pretty baller.

this is templo mayor,
it is a freaking aztec ruin in the middle of mexico city. 
like dead center. 


not so awesome-- 
the fact that it was only recently discovered,
(like in the last 100 years or so)
because the spanish destroyed it
and built stuff on top of it. 

but to be fair, 
the stuff they built on top is pretty nice too:

catedral metropolitana de la asunción de maría

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