Sunday, December 4, 2011

skwinkles salsagheti

since i've moved to mexico I have discovered
that they have amazing candy.

like crazy amazing.

everything has chile on it.

or is tamarind flavor.


so I have been buying and trying candy
like it's my job.
(I really wish it was my job.)

and since some of the things are so ridiculous
I have decided to share them with you.

like these skwinkles.

first of all it is like pull n' peal licorice
but covered in sweet and sour sugar crystals
like sour patch kids.
but it's all tamarind flavor.

(ps. tamarind may be my new favorite flavor.)

it has a sauce on top.

a sauce labelled "gusano"
which means worm.

um, ok.

i'll give a shot
even though i am pretty flippin' skeptical.

and the sauce is awful.

like crazy bad.

it's super salty
and does not taste at all like the tamarind I had been promised.

in fact it totally ruins the spaghetti part of the candy.

so I ate it without.

and it was great.

i will try you again friend.

(they have approximately 17,000 different kinds of candy.
obviously I want to try them all.)

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