Tuesday, December 20, 2011

washington dc

rcg has never been to dc before ---

this is our 7 mile journey to see all that dc has to offer.

we started at arlington cemetery
where we got a private tour of the tomb of the unknown soldier 
by a member of the honor guard,
sgt. skywalker.

thanks tlw.
badge #212

we then walked across the bridge to the lincoln memorial.

then to the vietnam war memorial.

the korean war memorial.

there are 19 men in the field 
and 19 troops represented on the wall 
equaling 38 -- 
to represent the 38th parallel
and the 38 months that the war was fought.

we walked down the reflecting pool 
towards the washington monument,
but first, 
the world war 2 memorial.

onto the washington monument.

then we saw the national christmas tree
and the national menorah.

we even saw president obama returning to the white house.

then we walked along the mall to 
the national american history museum 
to see the star spangled banner.

we continued down the mall to the air and space museum.

the spirit of st. louis.

 and as if all of that wasn't enough, 
we checked out the capitol 
and the library of congress 
as well.

a replica of freedom, 
the statue on the top of the capitol building. 

 this is the very center of washington dc.

the interior of the dome,
the apotheosis of washington.

 throughout the capitol building 
there are at least 100 statues,
2 from each state.


 we walked through the underground tunnel 
to the library of congress, 
maybe one of the most gorgeous buildings in washington dc.

the walls are covered with paintings, mosaics, and quotations
from some of the greatest minds in history: 
homer, shakespeare, dante, newton, etc.

it was a long two days, 
but we saw some crazy awesome stuff. 

sometimes when you live somewhere too long,
or you are away too long, 
you forget how amazing it all really is.

washington dc is pretty amazing.

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