Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 to do list


according to mayan legend 
this is the year the world is supposed to end.

or something.

and at times, 
i'm kind of convinced that 
those crazy mayans may have been right.

i mean, 
2011 was a little rough --
earthquakes out the crazy, 
(i survived two.)
a tsunami that almost ko'd japan,
the economic crisis, 
the occupy movement, 
and tons of other sad things. 
(i don't read the news. it's too sad. and boring.)

regardless of the disasters of 2011, 
and the never ending predictions of the world's end,
it is time to make this year's to do list.
(and hope that i am more successful at completing it this year
than i was last year.)

so here goes:

run a marathon. -- 
ok, this is an iffy one. 
i mean, i run fairly often, 
but i am a lot older than when i ran my first marathon. 
which means i may actually have to train for this one. 
so we'll see if this one happens. 
frankly, i'm a little skeptical. 
but maybe if i have a training/running partner it will work out. 
(what do you say rcg, you in?)
to climb a V4 in mexico, 
or a V6 in US. -- 
so 2011 saw me try my hand at bouldering, 
and i didn't think i was too awful at it, 
until i moved to mexico. 
and i got super crappy. 
at bkb i climbed a V3 (once, but it still counts); 
in mexico, i've climbed a V1, maybe. 
this needs to be fixed.
52 books -- 
yeah, that's right, 
i'm trying again.
take 6 trips, 
at least one should be over 2 weeks -- 
and thank goodness rcg and i have a list of places to go 
that is a mile long. 
plus we have the nytimes telling us of 45 must see places. 
obviously i want to go to all of them. 
except maybe oakland, california, 
because, duh, how boring.
43 states and 29 countries --
this goes along with traveling more.
i want to visit 8 more states 
and 5 more countries. 

150 blog posts

i'm sure there are other things that i should add to this list
(like making lots of ice cream once i get my ice cream maker back)
and they will be added in time,
but this list will have to do for now. 

plus, i think this list is a just a tad ambitious,
so good luck to me. 

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