Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"that's a big old pyramid."

rcg and i finally got off our lazy butts
and made our way to teotihuacan. 

teotihuacan was built around 100BC 
and then abandoned.

only to be found later,
by another group,
and resettled.

but the cool thing is the place gets it's name 
from the second group --
teotihuacan means 
"the birthplace of the gods" -- 
because the people who found this city 
centuries after it had been abandoned 
thought it had been built by the gods. 

i mean, 
can you imagine walking over a mountain
and seeing this perfectly planned out city
with this gigantic pyramid in the middle of it?


another fun fact:
teotihuacan has the world's third largest pyramid.

obviously we climbed to the top.

we may have eaten a peanut butter and jelly sandwich once we got to the top.

and the view was awesome.

we even stuck our finger in the very center of the pyramid.
it is supposed to be a huge source of energy.
or something.

because we figured, 
why not?

fun fact #3:
when the aztecs arrived at teotihuacan
they thought the huge pyramids were tombs,
so the main street is called
calzada de los muertos.


 so our tour started with la ciudadela --



then we walked to the pyramid of the sun.

obviously we played in the tunnels in the walkways.

and we played on top of pyramids.

and then we saw it:
THE pyramid.

and as you get closer, 
it just gets bigger.

nothing left to do but climb it.


and then it is off to the pyramid of the moon.

and obviously we climbed it. 

holy banana pants batman.

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