Tuesday, January 10, 2012

la villa de guadalupe

the virgin of guadalupe.
she is everywhere. 

i think somewhere in my brain 
it must have registered
that all of the paintings or pictures of her look the same.

and maybe somewhere in my brain
i wondered why that was. 

but i certainly wasn't aware any of this was going on.

when rcg and i went to go see
the shroud that was supposedly stained with a picture of the virgin
and then given to juan diego
by the virgin herself
i imagined that it would look like most other religious things. 

i figured it would be something that 
if you squint a little
would look kind of like a lady, 
and of course let's just assume it is the virgin. 
since she was the one who appeared to juan diego,
after all.

i had no idea the shroud that juan diego 
got from the virgin of guadalupe 
would look like it did.

i mean, 
it is a freaking picture
of the virgin.


and it is 500 years old.

and not faded. 

come on. 
it must be a fake, right?

au contraire.

that thing was baller.

and the set up to see it was baller too.
you get on a moving walkway
that passes underneath.
so there are no heinous lines,
and no crowding around,
and no waiting for a million years to see it.

why don't other famous things have this system?
i mean, the louvre could really learn a lesson from this.

and there was a whole village
that has been built for the pilgrims of the virgin.

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