Sunday, January 8, 2012

palacio postal

since i've moved to mexico
i've desperately needed stamps.

i have all of these people i want to write letters to.

and i have looked for stamps everywhere,
but only the post office sells them.

as a result, 
since i've moved to mexico
i have been searching for a post office. 

apparently there are three in this town. 

please remember that 21 million people live in mexico city.
does no one need stamps? 
does no one need to go to the post office?
why are there so few? 
why are they in such weird places?

but i did hear that the post office in el centro
was supposed to be pretty awesome.

so last sunday,
rcg and i got up early
and went to el centro.

and went to the post office.

and it was beautiful.


and i even bought some stamps.

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