Thursday, January 26, 2012

that's an elaborate, "i told you so."

rcg and i have been trying to see more of mexico,

for two reasons:

1. there is so much to see
and it is all crazy awesome.


2. because we will be moving to dallas soon.

so this past weekend we decided to take a turibus
and see the southern parts of mexico city.

what i really wanted to see was frida kahlo's house
but we figured doing the tour was an easy way to see lots of stuff all at once.

it did not go quite as planned. 

first of all,
anyone who knows me
knows that i will fall asleep at the drop off a hat in a moving vehicle.
add some sunshine and warmth to it
and i don't stand a chance. 

so most of the ride was me sleeping.
and rcg would wake me up when we got to something good.

there was no tour guide on the bus.
you listen to a pre-recorded lady in spanish.

the turibus took us all over the south
but it mainly just stopped at malls.
double boring.

but it did start to get good when we reached coyoacán
so that is where i will start.

we drove to the villa coyoacán
where we saw the fountains with the coyotes
and the parish of san juan bautista.

then we headed over to frida kahlo's house.

the cool thing about her house,
besides the fact that she lived and died there,
is the fact that it is blue. 

like super blue.


when we went inside we weren't supposed to take any pictures.

i did anyways.


i wish i could have gotten pictures of frida's studio
but the security guard was like a hawk.
it was really cool -- 
paints in little perfume jars, 
pastels in their case,
her specially made easel from rockefeller,
books out the crazy,
and tons of sunlight.

it would have made a rockstar instagram photo.

when we were done being creepers in frida and diego's house
we went back to coyoacán 
and walked around the market
and had some dinner.

(duck tacos, get in my belly.)

all in all, a pretty groovy day.

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  1. what's the story about the coyotes? And I want a dress like that!

  2. i have found a couple of different meanings for coyoacán, but they all boil down to "place with the coyotes" in nahuatl.