Sunday, February 19, 2012

2012 -- week 7 -- it was a fat one.

so i got this idea from dolcetto confections
who got it from ali edwards
but it is a very cool one. 

the idea is that every week, 
i gather together all of the photos i have taken
and jot down some of the cool 
(or totally boring)
things that i have done
and i make a little scrapbook page.

i didn't figure out how to work photoshop
until last week though,
so even though i am late, 
per usual,
i am going to start trying to document
the comings and goings of the residents of 
choapan 10.

and when some of those residents 
are far far away in the lonestar state
i will try and document that too.

after all, 
life moves too quickly,
and i can tell this year is going to be a year
of big changes
 so why not have something to look back on
when i'm old and gray?


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