Monday, February 27, 2012

bosque de chapultepec

when i came to visit rcg in september
i was walking around bosque de chapultepec
when i found a lake with paddle boats.

obviously i wanted to be in those boats.
i wanted to be in them real bad.

but it had to wait.

until this weekend. 

we decided to make a day of it --
picnic and paddle boats.

but a picnic with a twist:
we would each make a dish or two
and surprise each other. 
plus, rcg found 101 picnic ideas
so we had tons of ideas to choose from. 


i made a tomato and peach salad.

- peaches
- tomatoes
- red onion
- cilantro
- lime
- olive oil
- salt & pepper

and this great dish from red cat.

- zucchini
- toasted almonds
- pecorino 
- olive oil
- salt & pepper

and rcg made a shrimp, potato, and corn extravaganza.

- potatoes
- corn
- shrimp
- olive oil
- red pepper flakes
- salt & pepper

which we mixed with a sauce of my own concoction.

- mayonaise
- sriracha
- relish
- lime juice

and, of course, we had mango for desert.
cause it's mango season, y'all. 

lunch was crazy delicious.

and then we went paddle boating.

which was totally ridiculous
-- like most things i do --
because the seats were kind of broken
and it was difficult to steer,
but it was also pretty cool. 

we sat on this silly yellow boat
in the middle of a lake 
with about 50 other silly yellow and blue boats
in the middle of mexico city
and just drifted along.

it was oddly calming in a city of such chaos.

and obviously,
the day would not be complete without
us sitting on fake horses
with sombreros on.

crazy amazing ridiculous.

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