Tuesday, February 7, 2012

diego rivera

i have lived in mexico city for 3 months
and i finally went to the palacio nacional
and saw the diego rivera murals.

about freakin' time.

but it almost didn't happen.

here's the story -- 
rcg and i go to see the picasso exhibit
and are distracted by the surprise mc escher exhibit.
by the time we are done at munal it is 4 pm.
palacio nacional closes at 5 pm.
disaster? maybe.
we start to walk to the zocolo
and get distracted by food.
and rcg is trying to distract me the whole walk over anyways
because he is not a diego rivera fan.
but i would not be deterred -- 
so we got there at 430 pm. 
and then had to wait in the bag check line
behind some daft, hippy white girls.

but we made it.

and it was amazing.

the big super famous mural was awesome.



but the really spectacular paintings 
were of the prehispanic people.




on top of the beautiful paintings
there were cats everywhere.

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