Saturday, February 25, 2012

lucha libre


lucha libre is like the wwf.
but mexican.
with colorful masks.
and colorful tights.

and it is supposed to be spectacular. 

so on friday,
rcg and i went to arena mexico
and watched 3 hours of men
(and women)
in ridiculous costumes
throw each other onto mats
in pretend violence. 

and it was in fact, amazing. 

when we got out of the taxi
we were greeted by stands of masks:

arena mexico was filled with lots of people
all screaming obscenities at the wrestlers.
and there were tons of vendors 
selling everything under the sun -- 
gigantic bags of chips
it was kind of insane. 
and their outfits were even crazier.
we saw guys in pink and white tights,
tiny, shiny whitie tighties,
fluffy boots, 
and masks of all colors. 
some even had fluffy hair.
there was even a women's match
(although it is questionable whether
they were in fact women.)
and a dwarf dressed up as a parrot.

even though we were in the fourth row
it was too difficult to get good pictures.
we did have this lovely tush to look at though.

supposedly going to lucha libre
has become kitschy,
and while the night was totally ridiculous
it was also totally fun.

definitely a good night.

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