Saturday, February 4, 2012

pablo picasso

pablo may be one of my favorite artists
(obviously we are on a first name basis.)
 so when there was an opportunity
to see some of his prints
rcg and i jumped at the chance. 

unfortunately, i left my camera at home
so rcg's ipod will have to do.
what was great about this exhibit
is that it was all new stuff,
stuff i had never seen before.

there were prints of greek orgies,
a couple prints of a family, 
and a series about a man smoking a cigarette. 
 all in differing styles -- 
some were in color, 
some just with black and white lines, 
some with texture and shading,
and some were just outlines.
it was pretty rad.

but the cool thing about this exhibit
is that the museum put together 
a companion exhibit 
that showed mexican art during the time
picasso was working.

it was an interesting perspective.

and some of the art was 

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