Saturday, March 31, 2012


i am enjoying taking a picture every day.
i think it is a very cool way to chronicle my life.

these pictures that i've taken 
over the past 2 months
 really capture my environment
and the big events in my life. 

i'm excited to see how this year progresses
because in a month or two i will be moving
and i can only imagine how different my life will be.
and the pictures will reflect those changes.
and that's pretty cool.

it's also nice evidence of my doings.
life moves too fast. 
and sometimes we forget to stop 
and enjoy the little things.
or we forget the things that mattered to us
because we have already moved on 
to the next cool new thing. 
this is a way to slow down
and remember.

i like it.

1. up                                                   2. fruit

3. your neighborhood                                     4. bedside

5. smile                                        6. 5 pm

7. something you wore                                        8. window

9. red                                                  10. loud

11. someone you talked to today                                  12. fork                 

13. a sign                                            14. clouds

15. car                                               16. sunglasses

          17. green                                        18. a corner of your home

19. funny                                            20. before/after

21. delicious                                      22. kitchen sink

23. moon                                               24. animal

25. breakfast                                            26. key

27. your name                                             28. trash

29. feet                                                    30. toy


31. where you relax

now i have to get ready for

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

parque méxico

when i first moved to mexico 
there were a lot of things to be excited about. 
tacos, obviously, being the main thing.

as i lived here longer
i realized that there were some things 
that i didn't know about
that are pretty exciting. 

or rather, mexico city,
has amazing trees.

i actually noticed it my first weekend living here.
there is an amazing one right outside my bedroom window.

but the longer i've lived here
the more i realized how prevalent they really are.


i'm not sure what kind of tree it is, 
and it isn't really that different 
from any other tree i've come across,
but there is something unique about this kind of tree.

it's quirky.
and twisty.

and it makes beautiful purple flowers in the spring.

it has been my goal for the last couple of weeks
to get some good pictures of these trees.

and since last week 
was rcg's last week in mexico
we were out and about all week
eating and walking around,
enjoying condesa.

and i got my pictures.

maybe the lesson here
is not how awesome these trees are
but how we should be looking up more often
because who knows what kind of cool stuff we may see.

ps. the picture at the top of this blog
is of these same kinds of trees.
i took it in november.

i've kind of been obsessed with these trees for a while.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

spaghetti night, aka. mexican candy night

last saturday rcg and i went over to a friend's house

to have some spaghetti and meatballs -- 
which was absolutely delicious --
but what we really got out of the night 
was an education in mexican candy.

our friends have two kids
so they know candy.

so we learned about candy.


almond, strawberry, and vanilla icing

you can just buy little packets of icing
with tiny spoons.
like dunkaroos, 
but without the added benefit of cookies
to dip in it. 

it was a little intense.
and totally sweet.

cajeta quemada:
caramel icing
same deal as the duvalín,
it's icing, 
but caramel flavored.

pelon mini:
tamarind and chamoy gel

i never would have tried this one on my own,
it is just too ridiculous. 

it's like a push up
(one of my faves)
 but filled with a spicy tamarind gel.

freaking awesome. 

chewy lime square

basically a mexican version 
of the now and later.
only chewier.

animal's candy:
flavored hard candies

these are pretty boring,
but i can see their benefit --
you need candy, 
but you don't want too much
so you just eat one or two.
you can suck on it or bite it,
depending on your mood.

bubu lubu:
chocolate covered marshmallow 
and strawberry flavored jelly.

the jelly is fashioned after a turkish delight--
it's hard, not gooey. 
and the marshmallow is also hard
rather than gooey. 

so not the best candy ever,
but it'll do in a pinch.

mini mamut:
chocolate covered graham cracker cookies
with a marshmallow center.

it's basically a pre-made s'more.

seriously awesome.

caramel lollipop with chili

it's a lollipop
but not a traditional one.

it is chewy,
and spicy,
and delicious.

it was a very informative night.
and a very tasty one.