Tuesday, March 20, 2012

at the drive in.

it has been my longtime desire to go 
to a drive in movie theater

i mean, 
who doesn't want to sit in their car
with their sweetheart
and watch a movie?

that's who.

i finally got the chance to do it.
in mexico. 
(weird. but also, awesome.)

we really wanted to rent a car

but we didn't.

instead, we sat in the back of a friend's van.
less cool.

but they did have old timey
concession stands

which was very nifty.

they also had old movie trailers
and the dancing popcorn and soda commercial.

we even had our own personal speaker.

the whole things was pretty bad ass.

and to top it all off,
we saw sin city.

an incredibly bad ass movie.


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