Wednesday, March 7, 2012

everywhere i look i see skwinkles.

i went to the candy shop. 

they were having a huge sale.
i couldn't resist.

so i spent approximately 30 pesos
and got all of this:



basically skwinkles are tubes of candy
filled with different flavors 
and covered in a chili and chamoy seasoning. 

they are pretty rockstar.

the skwinklote was a huge pineapple flavored tube
filled with a tamarind flavor paste. 



the classic skwinkles
and the pocket size skwinkles 
are the same flavor:

good but boring.

another mildly boring flavor
was the black skwinkles rellenos --
strawberry tubes filled with strawberry goo. 

(and, because it is still made of strawberries

the pink package of skwinkles rellenos
was especially confusing.

on the outside it says
"red berries flavor hot candy strips
with mango-apricot flavor filling"

but the strips are mango-apricot colored
and the filling is red berry colored. 


and the taste didn't help either. 
i mean it was good,
but it didn't taste especially like red berries
or mango-apricot.

it was still delicious.

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