Friday, March 9, 2012

i'm a little obsessed.

anyone who knows me
knows that i am not a huge fan of beer.

sure i like hard cider
(i pretty much lived on strongbow
the year i lived in the uk.)
 and i always dig fruit beer,
but beer beer?
no me gusta. 

but this summer while i was in oaxaca
 i was introduced to the michelada.
(in df it's called a cubana,
but the taste is the same.)

 and i fell in love. 

it's beer,
but spicy.

and it has salt and/or chile 
around the rim of the glass -- 
my favorite.

(let's be serious,
people who don't enjoy licking 
the rim of their glass, 
whether it is salty or sugary,
before taking a sip 
of their drink
are total losers.)

so i decided to try to make my own. 

and it turns out that it is crazy easy to do.

i make mine based on taste,
but you add 
lime juice
tabasco sauce
salsa inglesa
(aka. worcestershire sauce)
(god only knows what that actually is.
maybe meat juice?
 and beer.


but today at 711
i discovered this sucker:

did my boozing just get easier?


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